7 Reasons to Make Belinda or Michelle Your New Best Friend

7 Reasons to Make Belinda or Michelle Your New Best Friend

7 Reasons to Make Belinda or Michelle Your New Best Friend

Want the perfect bag for work and play that won’t break the budget? Look no further! It is time to make Belinda or Michelle your best friend. These Cool Clutch Shoulder Bags have the looks, smarts, versatility and space that means you get value for your money without losing out in style.We have analysed them from every angle to make sure you get bang for your buck. 

Size: Belinda and Michelle are generous in many ways. There is ample room inside, with an internal pocket with a zip and a removable cooler pocket. They can fit a laptop or tablet, not to mention all the other things ladies and mums have to carry. You could always take out the removable pocket if you want more room for other items. They both have a set of straps that easily fit over your shoulder for comfortable transportation. These straps are lovely and wide to bear any weight and prevent muscular discomfort.







Style: Both have a stunning design on one side of the bag, and plain black on the other. Belinda has a chic, snow leopard look and Michelle channels zebras with her various panels of popping black and white stripes. Wear these girls depending on how you feel on the day. If you are feeling bold and sassy or wearing block colours, show the pattern-side. For a more serious, no-nonsense look, flip her over to show the stylish, sleek black side. You might also like to flip to the plain side if your outfit has clashing patterns with the bag. There is a detachable tassel on the bag too that you can take on or off depending on your mood. People will wonder how many bags you own because Michelle and Belinda can be worn so many different ways.


Removable Cooler Pocket: Like many other Cool Clutch bags, Belinda and Michelle have removable cooler pockets that fit perfectly inside. Keep your lunch, drink bottle and snacks cool or warm. It is also wonderful to keep chocolate from melting if you have a sweet tooth. You can also rest assured that your medication, sunscreen and cosmetics will stay at a safe temperature and last longer. This is particularly important for those who live in warmer climates or are out and about in the summer heat. On the special occasion when you are transporting wine, the cooler pocket will keep your bottles lovely and chilled long after you arrive at your destination. You can also purchase extra cooler pockets if you want to use one while the other is in the wash. (This applies to any of the Cool Clutch bags with removable inserts).


Upkeep: Whether you are a big klutz or suffer from having children with sticky hands, you need not worry with your Cool Clutch bag. Like all of the cooler pockets across the Cool Clutch range, the removable insert is machine washable. Simply zip it up and put it in with your delicates. Whilst their dark design and patterns means that they are less likely to show the dirt, the outside of the Michelle and Belinda bags can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Belinda and Michelle also both have tiny feet on the bottom to avoid damage to their underside and to keep them dirt-free if you need to put them on the ground.

Versatility: Belinda and Michelle are wonderfully stylish and suit many types of work environments. They are perfect across a wide range of industries and can fit in everything you need for a work day: lunch, water  bottle, laptop or tablet. They then translate perfectly into weekend wear, whether you are going out somewhere special or attending to the usual weekend errands. It can fit all the goodies you need for weekend sport, excursions with the family or a shopping venture.


Material: One of the biggest draw cards when purchasing items these days is knowing where the material was sourced. Belinda and Michelle are made from  PETA certified vegan leather. They make wonderful presents for those who are      eco-conscious or want a vegan handbag.Feel good knowing that your beautiful bag is cruelty free.

Price: $99.95 is amazing value for such a multi-functional bag that you can use 7 days a week. We are confident that Belinda or Michelle ticks all the boxes and that she is set to become your go-to for work and leisure.

Colour Range: The only downside to the bag is that it comes in just the two patterns with the black backing. If black is not your colour, it may not be for you. Fortunately, plans are in the works to create a tan version of these bags so that ladies who prefer brown shades can still enjoy all the benefits of Michelle and Belinda. Watch this space. 

Are you after a new, stunning, staple shoulder bag? Visit our online store and purchase Belinda or Michelle today. We know you won’t be disappointed.


To take a closer look at Michelle: https://www.coolclutch.net/products/michelle


To take a closer look at Belinda: https://www.coolclutch.net/products/belinda          

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