Anatomy of a Cool Clutch – The Olivia Laptop Handbag

We get it – sometimes the exterior beauty of a Cool Clutch Laptop Handbag leaves you forgetting what’s on the inside …it happens to the best of us! So, we thought, what better opportunity to run you through the anatomy of a Cool Clutch Laptop Handbag, with the help of one of our go-to bags this winter season, the Olivia.   At 38cm wide and 29cm tall, the Olivia has plenty of room for a foolscap folder, A4 diary and laptop; in other words, the perfect work handbag. Not only that, but she is also home to lots of other fab features…. keep reading! Removable Cooler Pocket Like all of our Cool Clutch handbags, the Olivia Laptop Handbag also includes a removable cooler pocket. This means you can carry your lunch, your medication, your makeup, or more importantly, 2 bottles of wine inside this separate insulated pocket. Then the true question arises – does the Oliva become a fabulous insulated lunch bag that can carry your laptop, purse and makeup? Or is it a ladies’ briefcase that will also carry your lunch? Whatever your answer is, we can all be grateful for the removable cooler pocket, separating your work stuff from your lunch stuff – say hallelujah to no more wet documents, or even worse, food spills messing up your whole handbag! Side Zipped Pocket Inside the Olivia, you have one side zipped pocket. This zipped section, or life-saver pocket as we like to call it, is your perfect spot for all your important, go-to things like keys, work card and purse. Never lose things in the depths of your handbag again with this time-saving (and let’s face it, basically life-saving) compartment! Small & Medium Open Side Pockets No woman has ever used the phrase “I have too many pockets in my handbag”. Which is why the Olivia Cool Clutch laptop handbag is also home to a small and medium open side pocket. These great additions are perfect storage for lipstick, phone, mints, whatever you fancy! Being open pockets means you can just slide straight into it while focusing on something else. Exterior It wouldn’t be right to talk about the Olivia and not talk about some of her stunning exterior elements. She comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, providing relief to your hands by allowing you to switch the weight from your arms to your shoulder, in a pretty fabulous way. The tassel on the handle is removable, meaning if you aren’t a tassel kinda’ girl, then you don’t have to keep it, or you could even combine it with your keys to glam them up! And while the Olivia comes in black, she is also available in a number of colours – allowing you to express your personal style and match it with whatever your outfit is. All this talk of anatomy, albeit a handbag, I guess makes us some sort of medical professionals. As such, we prescribe you a daily dose of Olivia Cool Clutch!
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