Can Buying a New Bag Really Save You Money?

Ok, that may sound a little counterintuitive. How can splurging on a new bag actually save you money? With the cost of good quality handbags seemingly soaring in retail stores across the country these days, we’ll forgive you for wondering how can we possibly justify investing in a new everyday bag that will inspire us to pinch our pennies. Two little words my friends, Cool Clutch. Every Cool Clutch handbag, tote, laptop bag or clutch, comes with a patented cooler section perfect for keeping your cold items cool, your hot items hot, and your important items, dry. It is for this very reason you’ll be able to plan ahead for your day, saving your pennies along the way. BYO at home -  There is no denying how busy life can be, especially for those juggling children. Whether you are heading to the park, a playdate or the beach, bringing your own snacks and drinks can save you an absolute bomb. Imagine passing out water bottles that are still refreshingly chilled from morning to afternoon, snacks keeping cool and crisp, medications being kept at their optimum temperature and wet towels/clothes kept separate from your phone and diary. You can even keep baby bottles and flasks of tea warm in your Cool Clutch! Being caught unaware and unprepared can prove costly, especially when you’ve got to pop in to the shops to stock up on supplies. When you consider that a vegemite sandwich or baby cucumber sushi box for your little one will set you back at least $4 at the shops, bringing your own could save your bottom line over $1000 a year, and that’s just on one child! Happy customer and busy Mum Sarah takes a Cool Clutch Large Cool Tote to the beach to keep everything cool. The sunscreen’s active ingredients stay cool and effective. Their food keeps cool so at lunchtime they can enjoy a nice picnic. BYO at work – A little midday splurge on lunch is undoubtedly a welcomed pick-me-up during a busy work day. But mindless spending on snacks, lunches and drinks out and about can really begin to add up. Spending as little as $5 a day on lunch out of the office adds up to a whopping $1300 annually, and let’s be honest, $5 doesn’t buy you much anymore. Prepare a little extra the night before and pack your leftovers safely in your Cool Clutch – one happy client Margaret, loves her Audrey Cool Clutch Cool Tote because so she can secretly and stylishly take her diet meal to work – and it is still frozen at lunchtime. Don’t forget that you can claim your Cool Clutch bag as a tax deduction this financial year – keep your laptop, diary and phone dry and safe from your soppy umbrella or chilled water bottle, and declare it on your next tax return! BYO at play - I don’t like to miss an opportunity to have a glass of wine with my friends and family. There is nothing better than getting together with my girlfriends for a glass of bubbles and a giggle. It’s good for the soul and cheaper than therapy. Bring your favourite bottle of wine to your next dinner party, barbecue or event knowing it will be kept perfectly chilled and discreetly stowed away. Not only will you save money on expensive bottles from restaurants and bars (it’s not uncommon for a BYO Restaurant to mark up the same bottle of plonk chilling in your bag by 300%! OUCH!), but you’ll also be able to keep an eye on how many glasses you’ve had along the way. Regardless of whether you are at home, work or play, there are a multitude of ways your Cool Clutch can help you to save money. With a little planning and effort, you could potentially save thousands of dollars every year with the help of your #CoolBestFriend.
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