Cool Clutch Handbags as Tax Deductions? Yes, Please!

Tax time is around the corner, and albeit an annual necessity, filing a tax return is usually enough to send the best of us running for the hills. But one thing is for sure, if you know what you are doing, there are many work related costs that can be recouped within your yearly return. And yes ladies, we are talking about your handbag! While it has been acceptable for men to claim their briefcases as a work related expense for years, proving to the Australian Tax Office that your handbag is a necessity in the workplace has not been as readily accepted. But the ATO has indeed confirmed the little known fact that your Cool Clutch Laptop Bag or Cool Clutch Tote can be claimed for, if you use it mostly or solely for work. Consider the Ruby Laptop bag – she was purposely designed to carry your laptop, files and notes, and work lunch, so yup, you got it, you can claim her as an expense if you use her to for your workday more than 50% of the time. The best way to decide if your Cool Clutch is a tax deduction is to ask yourself, if you use your Rochelle or Anita to carry the items necessary for you to earn an income, she’s an expense, and you can claim her. Whoop! The ATO does love thorough documentation though, so we’d suggest keeping a diary of the dates you’ve used your Cool Clutch work buddy for at least a month or two in case further clarification is required. Seriously though ladies, has there ever been a better reason to splurge on the gorgeous new bag you’ve been eyeing off? We don’t think so either! ;) Declaimer – we are not tax agents or accountants so always check with your tax agent or accountant before making a claim.
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