Nine Ways to Spoil Your Mum at Home this Mother's Day

Nine Ways to Spoil Your Mum at Home this Mother's Day

Make it a Memorable Mother’s Day at Home This Year

There is no doubt that this Mother’s Day in isolation is not going to be the kind we are used to celebrating. Going out for brunch at the local cafe is off the cards, the annual Mother’s Day Classic run with your tribe cannot take the same form and you cannot visit your mum at her home or take her out of the nursing home for a meal. You cannot meet up with your older children for a wine, coffee, or delicious lunch at a central location, the kids are going to miss the usual Mother’s Day stall at school and mums cannot saunter off to their local spa for a well-deserved massage. And, of course, this is perhaps the Mother’s Day on which our mums need these special things the most.

Mums are working extra hard at the moment. There are mums who are essential workers, teachers and childcare workers. There are mums who are juggling life with little babies and toddlers at home all day. There are mums working full time jobs or running their own businesses trying to still earn an income. There are mums facilitating remote learning or doing more than one of the above. And though it is probably one of the most unusual situations mums have found themselves in on Mother’s Day, it does not follow that it cannot be wonderful. We have collated a list of amazing ways you can show your mum how special she is to you from the comfort of your own home. Make Mother’s Day memorable for many more reasons than usual because we are in isolation.

Walk with your mum: For many, Mother’s Day involves getting up early for the annual Mother’s Day Classic walk to remember and support those experiencing or affected by breast cancer. This year the Classic has gone virtual and people can participate by walking in their local area, park, backyard or even their lounge room, on and in the lead up to Mother’s Day. When participants register and pay their fee, they go in the draw for prizes, are able to access health and wellness videos and there are even kids activities available on the website. You can still raise money as you normally would.

You may like to walk ‘with’ your friends and family over many days or on one particular day to reach your 4 or 8 kilometre goal. Why not call them on the phone as you are walking or FaceTime them? Doing the same activity, even while apart, will make you feel closer. The exercise in the fresh air will be beneficial and there is no doubt that raising awareness and funds for a good cause will make you feel good too.

Throw her a House Party: There are many ways to catch up virtually, including Zoom, FaceTime, House Party and Google Meets. The House Party lets you know when people are in the House and you can also wave to someone who isn’t in the House to let them know you are around for a chat. If you want to catch up for a specific event, like Mother’s Day, let everyone know in advance. Everyone can join with their favourite beverage in hand for a catch up. If you are up for a bit of fun and some laughs, you may also like to play some virtual games during your House Party. They are attached within the app and include games like Trivia and a version of Pictionary.

Organise a home pampering session: If you don’t live with your mum anymore you can organise some pampering from afar. A vast deal of products can be ordered online and delivered directly to your mum. Flowers, chocolates and cards are the obvious ones but we suggest a hamper of goodies is just what the doctor ordered this year. With the restrictions on going out, the best thing about being at home is absolutely receiving packages and letters in the mail. If a hamper isn’t to your mum’s tastes, think about what she likes in particular and would not buy herself very often.

Whether it is a book, some beautiful clothes, luxurious soaps, a magazine subscription or a scrumptious meal, make sure you have it ordered well in advance so that it arrives in time for Mother’s Day. If you are a mum yourself with young kids, indiscreetly share this article with your partner, and encourage them, along with your children, to let you sleep in. Have them organise you breakfast in bed and let you lounge in the bath or on the couch all day. Alternatively, let them give you some space to catch up on what you enjoy doing most, whether that be gardening, reading, exercising, creating, making music or shopping (online).

Have Your Own Take on the Mother’s Day Stall Gifts: We can usually rely on our children’s schools or kindergartens to help the kids create those adorable handmade cards all mums are accustomed to receiving. They are also credited with putting on an annual Mother’s Day Stall with affordable gifts for our kids to buy. Unfortunately, we are missing out this year. We are not pointing any fingers - okay, we are - but this year it is up to the dads, partners and other family members to get onto this. We realise not everyone is a creative type so we have sourced some online resources to serve as inspiration.

Send Mum a Photobook or Calendar: For the older mums and grandmothers who are separated from their children and grandchildren, they are no doubt missing them terribly. Whilst FaceTime phone calls and regular photos on What’s App or Viber might keep them relatively happy, there is nothing like a printed photo in the flesh. If you haven’t already invested in creating a photobook or calendar for your mum, this is the perfect time to do it. Don’t stress if you are not a computer or design whiz. Many online photo companies give you the option of automatically filling a photobook or calendar once you upload your photos.

Imagine how much they will enjoy flipping through their favourite shots of their kids and grandkids or how as each month of isolation passes, they can look forward to seeing more cute photos as they turn the page of the calendar? These online photo shops also offer a wide range of other items that you can place photographs on, like: mugs, phone covers, keyrings, mouse pads, fridge magnets and cushion covers. You might even consider ordering a larger framed photo or canvas photo. Even better, you can have the goods delivered straight to your mum’s place.

Take Your Mum Out: There’s nothing like taking your mum out to the movies, a play or concert and though we are constrained by self isolation restrictions, there are some ways to replicate a similar outing. We are fortunate that many artists and associations, such as theatre and ballet companies, orchestras and bands, are making their plays, shows and concerts available to watch from home. Choose a time to view together, have your popcorn, cheese or wine at the ready and call each other so that you can start watching at the same time and cry and laugh together. Also, if you both have Netflix, Stan, Foxtel or Disney Channels (hey, we don’t judge), then what’s stopping you from watching a movie together in separate places?

For the mums with little ones, partners can spoil you by giving Mum a ticket to her favourite movie at home. It will be a welcome respite from watching children’s movies. Show her a Gold Class experience. Let her lie on the couch, bring her treats, pop her feet up and recreate the quiet movie theatre.

Zoom for a private chat: Whilst having a House Party is a great way to see everyone at once, it may not be the best place for a deep conversation. And just try talking to all your grandchildren at once - not an easy task! Ask for a device to be passed around so that you can talk to each person one on one. Or the grandchildren might like to put on a performance together for their grandma.

Alternatively, if you have young children you might request an hour or so of quiet time to yourself to Zoom or FaceTime a couple of good friends. When you are not physically with people, it can be difficult to know how to take turns effectively. With just two or three friends in a chat together (especially if you are close and know no one will be offended), it is easy to talk like you usually do. If you have your favourite drink with you as you chat, it might even feel close to a non-isolation catch up.

Give her a course or lessons: With everyone looking for something to do at home, it is a great time to buy your mum a course or some lessons. Choose something that your mum is interested in. There are a plethora of courses to choose from online that range from: personal training, dance classes and yoga, to creative writing lessons, sign language courses, art and acting classes. If there is a course that both of you may be interested in, why not do it together? For example, it would be nice to regularly see each other in a yoga Zoom class. It might actually be a nice change if you cannot usually do things like this together if you live far away from each other. If you do a class that involves connecting through an online course, it will also give you something extra to talk about when you catch up. You can compare notes, ask each other questions or advice.

Give a gift they can look forward to using after isolation ends: If you are buying Mum something for Mother’s Day, why not give her something she can look forward to using? That might be a voucher for her favourite shop, a movie voucher, money towards a holiday or even

a Cool Clutch bag. We stock a wide range of bags for mums in every stage of their life. The Cool Clutch backpack is perfect for mums on the go who might need their hands free at a moment's notice. Like all Cool Clutch bags, it has a cooler pocket that is perfect to keep drink bottles cool or formula or breastmilk warm. The Cool Clutch briefcase is perfect for working mums as it fits a laptop and has room for a packed lunch in the cooler pocket. Or your mum might like a stylish shoulder bag for everyday use.

Are you strapped for cash at the moment? Enter our Mother’s Day competition so you have the chance to win your mum a bag.

We hope we have given you some ideas of how to spend time with and spoil your mum this Mother’s Day, despite the unusual circumstances. How will you pamper your mum this Mother’s Day?



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