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Have you heard of Cool Clutch? If not, it’s a brand that makes insulated bags designed to keep your food and/or drinks cold. Some have pull out insulated pockets, and others, like the one I am talking about today, are completely insulated inside. So of course I picked the bright yellow, because it’s gorgeous and such a happy colour. PLUS, once you’ve read this review, if you think this is the bag you’ll need (and why wouldn’t you!) check out the website here. They come in yellow, red, blue, lilac, coral and hot pink so you should easily find one to suit your aesthetic.


Okay so the first thing I noticed is that this bag is HUGE. But it is also really comfortable to carry, so the size isn’t an issue which is great. The thick straps are really supportive and don’t dig in either. Everything packed in nicely but I did have a considerable amount of room left, so it would be great to take this to the Zoo where we are taking food for an entire day. This is everything we had packed inside (plus another drink) and nothing was squished, it was all still cold and the peas were still frozen solid when I pulled them out. Yes, we do take peas to feed the ducks!


It has a thick plastic zipper with an easy grab tab on it that was easy to use and feels really secure. There’s nothing worse than a flimsy zipper and this Cool Clutch tote does not feel flimsy! There are 3 pockets on each side so 6 in total, and they are a good size and very deep. Perfect for storing sunscreen, books, hats and anything else you might need to take with you. The name is also embossed in the front and it’s not really obvious like you’re showing off, but it’s definitely there to know who made this fabulous bag. And these are the straps, you can see they’re super thick and well attached as well, which just adds to the supportive and comfortable carry.

In the bag

And this is what was included with it, you get a thank you card which I love, the Cool Clutch business card (and those are EARRINGS!!) which made me laugh with its cute slogan, and also a naked wines gift voucher, incase you need something to fill your bag with.

My Thoughts

I must admit I was quite surprised how much I loved using this Cool Clutch tote. We went to the park, and when I pulled everything out for lunch it was still ice cold, and that was really impressive on a hot day. I also found the bag really easy to carry to the park (we walked, its about 15 minutes each way) and I didn’t have any issues with it slipping off my shoulder, digging in or being uncomfortable at all. The thick straps keep it well balanced which I found really helpful. I loved the bold colours that Cool Clutch offers for the large tote, they’re very vibrant and welcoming, and also easy to spot if you forget where you put your bag. The pockets are well sized and I think it would be great to have all the room to carry things you might not necessarily want to carry in the insulated pocket, ie books, camera, phones, wallets etc. I also think the size of the bag is useful, while it is large, it will carry a lot of stuff that you need, and if you use this for a rip to the grocery store, I think you would easily fit a lot of cold goods in here with no issues at all. It could also be handy for people who have large families for a picnic, or even small families that want to take a lot of food. All in all, this is a bag I can definitely see me reaching for when we go out, I like to carry water bottles and snacks when we go places, so this would be handy to put all those in and have them stay cold

Your Thoughts

So, what do you think? Could a Cool Clutch large tote fit into your life?
*The Cool Clutch large tote (yellow) was provided to me at no cost to review for my blog. Free product does not guarantee a positive review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and all posts are written, edited and posted by me.
Written by Jackie of Organised Mum Life
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