Pamper your pooch with a Cool Clutch

Pamper your pooch with a Cool Clutch

We indulge ourselves and our friends with gifts, so why would we not do the same for our original best friend, our dog? A fashion handbag does not immediately come to mind when we think of our pet pooches, but here is how both you and your dog can benefit from the same award winning Cool Clutch.

A love of dogs

Australians have one of the highest pet ownerships in the world and the most popular household pet is a dog. For the majority of us, our dogs are more than just a pet. In fact, 60 percent of people said they saw their dog as a member of a family. We can attest to that. They are our fur babies in the truest sense. As more people choose to be child-free, more pooches are benefitting from the pampering of doting parents. From the usual treats, toys and collars to special doggy holidays, clothing and accessories, Australians love to give their dogs a good life with the best of the best.

Keeping it together

Just as parents must lug around all the necessities for their children, so must dedicated pet owners. Like children, fur babies come with a whole lot of accessories that need to be stored and transported when travelling with your pet. It makes sense to have a bag dedicated or with  space for such items. What could be more indulgent than having a special bag to keep all your pet’s necessities for when you are on the go?

Introducing the Cool Clutch

Designed initially to transport the important cargo of wine, Cool Clutch bags are now used for many other functions. All of these stunning bags contain a patented cooler bag interior or removable pocket, which means that you can not only keep your wine cool, but other essentials, like food, medication and makeup. They come in a range of sizes and designs to suit your needs. There are Shoulder Bags, Handbags, Cross Body Clutches, Backpacks and Briefcases in a wide range of patterns and colours. They are all made from PETA certified Vegan leather, a must for the dedicated animal lover.

For the Cool Pooch

Those with children have seen the practicality of using their Cool Clutch to keep their kids’ drinks and snacks cool. Cool Clutch bags are designed so that you can store various things in separate areas of the bag. Keep your pet’s water and snacks cool on a hot day. Ensure your pooch is well hydrated and that their snacks do not melt or spoil. Keep your mobile, purse and other essentials in the same bag, separate from your pooch’s items. The cooler bag can be easily removed and wiped out if need be.

Pooches and Pinot

For those who are both dog owners and wine lovers, you could use your Cool Clutch for both your indulgences. The Cool Clutch bags are a stylish companion when you are touring wineries with your dog pal. Who knew that such a fashionable looking bag could hold such a cool secret and so many items?

One such company that invites you and your fur baby to enjoy a day of wine tasting is Pooches and Pinot. This is a cute, private dog-friendly wine tour company who offer a VIP door-to-door pick up service and drive you and your dog out to the Yara Valley for a day sipping your way around the dog-friendly wineries.  And they of course use Cool Clutch bags. Because a Cool Clutch can keep any wine you purchase cool, as well as your water and treats for your favourite furry friend. It is a win-win situation.

Find your favourite

Shop the Cool Clutch range of bags to find the perfect one for you and your dog. Invest in a stylish Shoulder Bag for shopping, a Backpack for the seasoned walker or a Briefcase for workers with their furry friend in tow. Find the perfect match for you and your pooch.

For more information on Pooches and Pinot winery tours, head to:

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