Penny Briefcase is Too Cool For School

It was definitely love at first sight with Penny the Cool Clutch Briefcase. She is the image of style and sophistication and sports two of my favourite colours, plum and orange.

Big in all the right places

A little taller than her tote cousins, Penny and her sisters are the perfect size for a laptop, plus all the other necessities for any working mum. Whilst you might think that their multiple colours might be overbearing or not match with many outfits, that’s not the case. The handbag can complement a monochrome outfit well, but will enhance colour ensembles too. (There are Briefcases in one colour if it the multicoloured ones don’t appeal to you). Either way there is no doubt that Penny is attractive on her own - almost like a piece of artwork.

Cool Clutch for the cool klutz

When it comes to packing Penny, the possibilities are endless. This is by far one the roomiest handbags I have ever had. The zippable cooler bag is perfect to keep your lunch and thermos cool, (or warm!). Otherwise it is a great place to store your lipstick or a chocolate bar so they don’t run the risk of melting. If something does spill in the cooler compartment, you can rest assured it won’t ruin the rest of the bag. The insert is easily removed and wiped out. This makes me quietly rejoice on behalf of all the klutzy, spill-y women everywhere.

Stop the search

Penny and her sisters were definitely designed with women and mums in mind. There is a generous inside pocket with a zip for those small things you want to keep extra safe and secure. On the inside of the front of the bag are two generous open pockets that are perfect place to slide and easily access essentials like your phone, wallet or sunglasses. For mums with loads on our minds, a specific spot for every item saves lots of searching and we all know we do enough of that as it is!

The coolest mum bag

Penny could even get by as a stylish nappy bag, she is so practical! Zip the sippy cup and snack box in the cooler insert with some nappies and wipes and you’re good to go! Pop your mum items outside the cooler bag so your organiser doesn’t get mashed banana on it and everyone wins. The insert can be easily removed when you’re changing your baby or toddler, and don’t forget the feet on the bottom of your Briefcase keep Penny from getting dirt on her wherever you have to put her down.

Practically perfect in every way

Penny's handles easily fit over your shoulder if you like to carry her like that, but she also comes with the longer strap that you can connect to either end of the bag. It's just another way Penny is flexible, like we have to be with our changing daily schedules. Why not invest in a bag that will see you through mum and bub days out, work days, and coffee dates with your girlfriends? Invest in a bag that is practical and stands the test of milk spills and sticky lolly pop sticks. Invest in a bag that looks beautiful on the outside but works hard for you on the inside. Don't sweat it, Penny's got you covered.

Check out Penny and her sisters.

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