The only way to travel - Tips and Tricks for traveling with your Cool Clutch

I am often asked for my Tips and Tricks for traveling with my Cool Clutch, and traveling with a Cool Clutch is the only way to travel for so many reasons. Here in Australia we are moving into our cooler months although you wouldn't think so with temperatures of 39 degrees being experienced over the weekend. It's Autumn here now and it is always this time of the year that I start to think about booking an overseas trip. I never go anywhere without a few Cool Clutch and here are a couple of tips for those planning to travel.

Large Cool Tote

Pack a Large Cool Tote in your suitcase. On the way there, place rolled up clothes inside your Large Cool Tote so that the bag doesn't take up very much room. Its a fabulous bag for going poolside or down the beach each day. When off to the pool the Sophie Cool Clutch Large Cool Tote will keep you sunscreen from spoiling. With 6 pockets around the outside you can keep your book away from your wet bathers Pack a cool bottle of water, straight out of the fridge. Your sunscreen needs to be kept cool so that the active ingredients is compromised. Add some fresh fruit for nibbles during the day. And don't forget to put your phone in the cooler bag to stop it becoming heat damaged. The 6 side pockets around the outside are great places for sunglasses, book and other non heat effected items. Returning back from the pool or beach pop all your wet and sandy towels in the centre, this time popping your mobile phone in one of the outside pockets. When travelling home this bag is fabulous for packing it full of your dirty washing. Again this then doesn't take up much space in your suitcase and keeps the dirty clothes away from the clean items you didn't get to wear; I know I am not the only one who over packs!

Royal Range

If you were lucky enough to grab one of the Royal Range when they were on special and before they all disappeared then this handbag doubles up to make the best toiletry bag. This of course isn't the only Cool Clutch that can also carry your toiletries, this is just my choice. And here is why you should always travel with your Cool Clutch and pack your shampoo and conditioner into the cooler pocket. This is what happened during a recent trip. I was very lucky that they were in a Cool Clutch otherwise this mess would have been all over my nice clean clothes when I arrived at my holiday destination! Wouldn't that have spoiled a good time?! So there are a couple of Cool Clutch products and how I use them. How do you use yours?
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