Travelling with Medication – Our Guide to Stress-Free Storage on the Go

While travelling conjures up fantasies of relaxing poolside, enjoying delicious new foods and taking in the sights and sounds of exciting new territory, it can also cause quite the headache for those who need to take medications along for the ride.

Individuals who medicate for diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid issues and anaphylactic allergies will all understand, it really isn’t as simple as popping your medications into your suitcase beside your swimsuit and towel.

Many medications like diazepam, insulin and even some antibiotic liquids are sensitive to heat, and will decrease in potency if exposed to heat above their recommended storage temperature. The humble Ventolin inhaler can explode when stored at a high heat, a scenario which can certainly be achieved in direct sunlight on a hot Summer’s day.

So, the million-dollar question is, how do we combat carrying and safely storing our medication when we travel?

First and foremost, it is crucial that you take a moment to check the correct storage recommendations for your medications. Not all medication is created equal and while some will be perfectly safe stowed away in your luggage, some will require a cooler carry-on bag with an ice brick to keep it at its optimum temperature.

Secondly, take some time to prepare your medications for travel. Be sure they are labelled, in date and laid out ready for easy collection on your travel day.

The hardest part of travelling with medication that is meant to be kept cool, is where to store it. Keep your medication in a reputable, sturdy cooler bag and keep it with you at all time. On your way to the airport for example, keep it in the car with you where you can keep the air-conditioning on, rather than in a hot, stuffy boot with the rest of your luggage.

Inside the Pamela Cool Clutch with children's snacks

On board your plane, cruise liner or even on long drives, be sure to keep the segment of your cooler bag containing your medication closed, only opening it to check on the temperature of your ice brick if you have one. Constant opening and closing of your cooler bag acts much like opening and closing the door of your freezer – you are allowing cold air to escape and warmer air to enter.

Being forthcoming with your predicament while travelling is your best option to store your medication correctly. You can ask air hostesses, hotel concierges and cruise directors to assist you in finding a secure fridge to store your medication (be sure to check if your medication is safe to be kept in the fridge first of course).

All of our Cool Clutch bags, including shoulder handbags, handbags and backpacks come with insulated segments where you can keep your chilled medications at arm’s reach and separate from your wallet, travel documents and keys. And the best thing? Our Cool Clutch range is incredibly stylish as well as practical, so you can ditch the bulky esky and carry your medication discreetly (and still look amazing!) Once you’ve reached your destination and have access to refrigeration for your medication, you can use your insulated Cool Clutch for carrying chilled water and snacks on your days out and about.

Travelling should be fun and not stressful and everyone, including those who medicate, should be able to enjoy doing so without the worry of how to safely store their medicines.
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