What is your Cool Clutch personality?

A wide variety of people choose Cool Clutch for their clutch, briefcase, backpack and handbag needs. Want to know your Cool Clutch personality?

Take our quiz and find out which type of cool you are.

What do you like most about Cool Clutch bags?

a. The convenient removable cooler pocket
b. The fun colours and designs
c. The wide variety to choose from

How would your friends describe you?

a. Sensible and a practical thinker
b. The life of the party
c. Chilled and laidback

    What colour do you choose when buying a bag?

    a. Colours that are easy to keep clean and go with everything
    b. Something that makes a bold statement
    c. Whatever takes your fancy at the time

      You are going out for the day, which bag do you take?

      a. The Cool Clutch backpack/handbag that easily change from a handbag to a backpack
      b. Something bright and fun that reflects your personality
      c. Whatever you can find in time before you leave. If it fits everything in, that will do.

        You are thinking of purchasing a new Cool Clutch, which do you buy?

        a. A practical bag that is in a colour that is always stylish: like classic black, tan or grey
        b. The latest colour or pattern trend. You love to have new, fashionable tones if they match your style
        c. Something on sale or that takes your fancy at the time. You don’t follow the current trends and just want something you will use.

            Your Cool Clutch Personality

            Mostly As - Practically Cool

            Organised and sensible, you love Cool Clutch for their practicality and because they are easy to keep clean. You tend to go for colours and designs that you will get the most use out of. Your friends love your reliability and that like a Girl Scout, you are always prepared.

            Mostly Bs - White Hot Cool

            The life of the party and lover of all things bright and bold, you stand out and so do your Cool Clutch bags. You have an array of colours and love matching them to your outfits. Your sunny smile always cheers those around you and you are always up for a fun outing.

            Mostly Cs - Naturally Cool

            Always calm and collected, you love your Cool Clutch bags because you know that any will do the job. It doesn’t matter if they match or not, they are practical and beautiful in their own right. Your friends love how nothing fazes you and how you take each day as it comes.

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