Why you need a Cool Clutch this Easter

In years gone by Easter was at a time when the weather was cooling down, daylights savings had ended and it was time to prepare for the Winter months ahead. For my family, we used Easter to prepare for those cooler months. We exchange gifts of pyjamas or slippers but can't resist giving a little chocolate too. In recent years we have experienced unseasonably warm weather at Easter. We are still seeing temperatures in the thirties at a time we expect cool mornings and light Autumn breezes. The warm weather changes the foods we choose to eat. So instead of slow cooker meals, we are choosing salads, meat and fresh fruits. This warmer weather also brings the challenge of keeping your Easter egg stash cool. You don't want all that delicious chocolate melting into a blob. Because we all know chocolate tastes better shaped like a bunny, right? That's where a Cool Clutch comes in. The Large Tote range can fit plenty of Easter egg gifts for the whole family and keep them from melting. It's also handy to carry home the bunny treats you receive. If your family is like mine, we all contribute food to the day. So, helping keep your salads, meat or fruit cool on the trip to the host’s house is another great benefit of having a large tote handy. I purchased the Large Tote for days at the beach but who knew I'd still be getting great use of it in Autumn. Just throw in your ice bricks and rest assured your food (and chocolate) will be kept cool for your Easter celebrations. Written by Melissa Woodward - a Cool Clutch Customer  
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